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The AirClean 600  Laminar Flow Hood Model AC624LFUV  gives users peace of mind by helping eliminate cross contamination with a controlled, flexible solution. The AirClean 600  Laminar Flow Hood is a particularly ideal choice for applications that are not hazardous but do require a clean work area. This ductless workstation can be placed where users need it most, and combines ISO 5 (FS209E) Class 100 clean air environment with UV light sterilization, no instillation required. Users of the laminar air flow system are protected from shortwave UV irradiation, which while useful for sterilization can be harmful to users over time. The  Laminar Flow Hood is constructed out of polycarbonate with overlapping parts to effectively reflects the shortwave ultraviolet energy and ensures it doesn’t escae while in use.  

The base of this  Laminar Flow Hood is constructed of polypropylene which also reflects the UV energy, and cleans easily in the event of a spill. The AirClean 600  Laminar Flow Hood is microprocessor controlled with several safety features such as automatic light and blower shut off when the bi fold sash is raised, unibody design with no gaps or joints, a digital light timer of up to 60 minutes. Safety features include a filter lock out to ensure proper instillation, electronics located well above the work area creating a clear path of entry, and real time monitoring of the filtration bed.

AirClean 600 Laminar Flow Hood Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H)24 x 24 x 30
Interior Dimensions23 x 23 x 18
Weight55 lb
Noise Level  <49DBA
Power110V, 230W, 60Hz
UV Light 15w 254nm
Blower Sparkless
UV Light Timer 0-60min
Safety Interlock Yes

  • AirClean 600  Laminar Flow Hood Model AC624LFUV
  • UV Lamp
  • Power Cord
  • Operator’s Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This AirClean 600  Laminar Flow Hood has been thoroughly tested and is performing beautifully. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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