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The Cole Parmer Masterflex Peristaltic Pump and Brushless induction drive offers you reversible pumping in a compact lightweight package. This chip resistant Peristaltic Pump system uses an epoxy coated steel enclosure to protect against dust, chemicals, and moisture, and a polyester and stainless pump head built to withstand tough process environments.  The flow rate for this peristaltic pump rages from .01 to 19 LPM. This simple to load pump head is partnered with a brushless induction drive, with 1/3 hp, strong enough to handle challenging applications and requiring minimal maintenance.

The Cole Parmer Masterflex Peristaltic Pump is easy to adjust through the sealed key pad, with a digital display to show you motor speed, between 5 and 100%. This digital speed control provides excellent precision and repeatability with a 1% resolution.  Tubing for the pump head is easily changed for maximum flexibility and long life. This versatile Peristaltic Pump can handle nearly any fluid, and is customizable with many tubing options. Pump heads can even be partnered together to scale your apparatus up. 

Cole Parmer Masterflex Peristaltic Pump Specifications:

Pump Head

Number of Channels

Flow Rate Range GPM.002 - 5
Flow Rate Range LPM.01 - 19
Housing MaterialStainless Steel and Thermoset Polyester



Optimum RPM Range (rpm)

0.1 to 650


Three; stainless steel

Rotor Material

Stainless Steel

Suction Lift 

29 ft, 8.8 m
Gear Ratio1 : 1

Tubing sizes accepted

I/P 70, I/P 88, I/P 89
Pump Drive

Control Type 

Digital Variable Speed
Speed Range33 - 650

Speed Control

Flow Rate Range LPM0.2 - 26
Flow Rate (mL/min)200 - 26000

Reversible Motor


No. of Pump Heads Accepted


Power (VAC)

90 to 260 4.5 A 50/60 Hz


25 lbs

Dimensions (Head and Drive)

18 x 10 x 8

  • Cole Parmer Masterflex Peristaltic Pump
  • Masterflex pump drive 77410-10
  • Masterflex pump head 77601-10
  • Power Cord
  • 30-day warranty

This Cole Parmer Masterflex Peristaltic Pump and it's components have been thoroughly inspected for functionality and is performing as expected in both directions. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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