Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge

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The Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge gives you high capacity, and flexible high performance. This benchtop centrifuge can be varied with 17 different optional rotors to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. Every element of this centrifuge has been designed to maintain long life and give a user friendly experience. ­The Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge can process up to 4 Lt in a compact 3 liter footprint allowing you to process more in fewer runs. Rotors for this refrigerated benchtop centrifuge auto lock into place and requires no tools, it only takes seconds to swap out. The lid of this centrifuge is motorized with single finger motion, reducing closure time, and ensuring a long life.  There is even an option to have the lid open upon completion of a cycle, signaling its end and allowing rapid retrieval.

­The Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge gives you bio containment you can count on, with one hand operated click seal lids, making them easy for anyone, right or left handed, to use accurately. Biocontainment for this benchtop centrifuge has been certified by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK.  Rotors for this benchtop centrifuge are constructed out of Fiberlite Carbon Fiber that are lightweight, corrosion and fatigue resistant, and engineered to hold more than previous years.

­The Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge is easy to set up and control from the bright 50 cm, LCD digital interface. This centrifuge allows users direct access to 5 folders that can store up to 99 programs. Users also can control how the refrigerated centrifuge starts and stops with 9 acceleration and 10 deceleration rates to choose from.  Speed display can be toggled between RCF and RPM with ranges up to 25830 RCF of 15200 RPM depending on rotor. Timed runs on this laboratory centrifuge can be set in intervals of hours and minutes (up to 99hrs), or minutes and seconds, or in continuous mode. Lastly the temperature range of this refrigerated benchtop centrifuge is from -10° C to +40°C

Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge Specifications:




Password Protection  



Maximum Capacity 

4 x 1000 mL (with TX-1000 rotor)

Maximum Speed 

6000 rpm (with BIOShield 1000A rotor)

Maximum RCF 

7164 x g (with BIOShield 1000A rotor) 

Fixed Angle Rotors

Maximum Capacity

6 x 250 mL (with F14-6 x 250LE rotor) 

Maximum Speed 

15200 rpm (with microvolume rotors)

Maximum RCF 

25830 x g (with 30 x 2 mL rotor)

Control System Microprocessor

Drive System 

Direct, brushless induction low profile motor

Rotor Locking System 

Push-button Auto-Lock

Imbalance Detection System



99 (5 with direct access key)

Temperature Set Range

-10 °C to +40 °C

Pre-Cooling Function

Yes, with direct button

Refrigeration System

CFC free

Pulse (Short) 

Run Yes

Centrifugation Chamber 

Corrosion-resistant, high-thermal conductivity, 304 grade stainless steel

Maximum Timer Range 

99h, 59min + continuous  

Sound Level (dBA)  

with swinging bucket rotor at top speed  < 61 

with F15-8 x 50 rotor at top speed  < 64  

Other Features 

Maximum Power Consumption 

(W) 120 V 1400

Maximum Heat Output 

(BTU/h) 120 V 4776





  • Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Bioliner Rotor Catalog 75003667 (4 x 750ml)
  • Four Buckets and Aerosol Lids
  • 120V Power Cord
  • Operator's guide
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • System has been tested at -9°C running at 3500 RPM for 30, 45 and 45 minutes

This Thermo Sorvall Legend XTR Refrigerated Centrifuge has been thoroughly tested at -9°C running at 3500 RPM for 30, 45 and 45 minutes and performed to expectations. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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