VWR 2417R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

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The VWR 2417R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge is a reliable tool used for tissue and cell culture studies.  This easy to operate benchtop centrifuge runs on a maintenance free, brushless motor which tops out at speeds of 13,500 RPMs.  The VWR 2417R is comparable to several Eppendorf and Thermo Sorvall microcentrifuge models.  This table top centrifuge includes a power cooling system with quick feature, which cools the chamber within minutes. 

The VWR 2417R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge includes a twenty-four-place fixed angle rotor and lid.  Microfuge tubes can easily be loaded into the rotor, without removing it from the microcentrifuge. The brushless motor accelerates the rotor to the desired set point, while an integrated vibration free feature system monitors for slight imbalances.  If there’s a substantial imbalance detected, the motor will immediately decelerate and shut down operation, so the samples are not disrupted. The VWR 2417 Refrigerated Microcentrifuge comes with a microprocessor LCD control panel allowing the user to control parameters, such as temperature, speed and timer.  The set point temperature range of the microfuge is -10° to 40°C and operates between 0° and 40°C. 

Built-timer ranges from 1 minute up to 99, or can run continuously until the user shuts down the benchtop centrifuge manually.The aluminum 24-place rotor supplied with the VWR 2417R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge works with standard 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes, along with 2ml microcentrifuge tubes.  The rotor is set on a tapered shaft, enabling for quick removal and cleaning.  The microcentrifuge rotor is autoclavable friendly, just don’t autoclave the plastic lid.  Contact us with questions about our VWR 2417R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge.

VWR 2417R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Specifications:

Capacity24 x 1.5/2ml microcentrifuge tubes
Speed Range500 to 13,500 RPM
Maximum RCF17,200 x g
Temperature Range-10° to 40°C
Timer1 to 99 minutes
Power115V 50/60Hz
Dimensions11” x 29” x 33” 
Weight44 lb

  • VWR Symphony 2417R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Catalog # 97039-902
  • 24 Place Fixed Angle Rotor (lid not included)
  • Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • Warranty

The VWR 2417R Refrigerated microcentrifuge is in excellent working condition and was tested at 13,300 RPMs to ensure the rotor was maintaining correct speed.  We set the temperature to -9°C and ran our NIST thermometer through chamber to confirm correct temperature.  Centrifuge has been verified and is ready to ship.  If you have any questions about our benchtop centrifuges don't hesitate to contact us.

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