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The Bio-Rad Tetrad 2 is a robust Thermal Cycler used for PCR reaction.  The base accommodates four interchangeable blocks for various microplates, tubes and slides.  The Thermal Cycler features built-in software with onboard PCR protocols needed for a wide range of DNA and RNA applications.  The Bio-Rad Tetrad 2 was designed to increase productivity in today’s high throughput laboratories.  This easy-to-use Thermal Cycler has the ability to run up to eight independent runs at the same time. In addition, the Tetrad 2 from Bio-Rad allows the user to choose between block temperature controls, or calculate temperature control for accuracy and high speed.  The DNA Engine use a standard PS-2 optics mouse and a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to streamline use of the Thermal Cycler.  Contact us today for information on our Bio-Rad Tetrad 2.

Tetrad 2 Thermal Cycler Specifications:

Temperature Accuracy±0.3 °C of programmed target at 90°C, NIST- traceable (± 0.4°C for dual Alpha units)
Temperature uniformity± 0.4°C well-to-well within 30 seconds of arrival at 90°C (±0.5°C for dual Alpha units)
Gradient accuracy

+0.3°C of programmed target at end columns,

30 seconds after the timer starts for the gradient step,  NIST–traceable
Thermal Range

0-105 °C but no more than 30°C below ambient

temperature (10-105°C for the slide chambers unit)
Speed of rampingUp to 3°C/sec for all single- and dual-block Alpha units; Up to 1.2°C/sec for the Slide Chambers Alpha unit
Program Memory CapacityUp to 1,000 programs can be saved
Power 200 – 240V 50/60Hz 
Dimensions (W x D x H)19” x  24” x  10” 
Weight 56 lb.

  • Bio Rad Tetrad 2 Thermal Cycler
  • Four 96 Well Blocks
  • Power Cord
  • Digital Copy of Manual
  • PS/2 Mouse
  • Warranty

The Bio-Rad Tetrad 2 is currently in stock and ready to ship.  Instrument has been fully tested to meet manufacturer's factory specification.  Thermal Cycler will ship out via freight with a 1-3 turnaround time.  If you have any used lab equipment for sale and wish to get a trade-in value estimate please give us a call.  

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