3D-Printed Ovaries Show Promise

3D-Printed ovaries show promise

3D printers can be used to produce anything, from food to apparel. Now, a team led by researchers from Northwestern Universityhave found success 3D-printing ovary structures for mice.  Research recently published in Nature Communications outlined how the team used a "gelatin 'ink'" to prin the synthetic ovaries, which were then implanted in female mice "after they had their actual ovaries removed," IFLScience.com reported. 

The mice were not only able to ovulate, but were also able to give birth to healthy pups and maintain normal hormone levels within the mother mice. "For all intents and purpose, their performane was indistinguishable from the real deal," Robin Andrews wrote.  This shows promise for women in the future - sooner than we think synthetic 3D-printed ovaries may be able to be implanted in women, alleviating the need for an organ donor. 

"All in all, this study represents a huge leap forward in reproductive science," Andrews wrote.