Researchers Develop Biosensing Tattoo

Researchers develop biosensing tattoo to help diabetics monitor sugar levels

A team of researchers from Harvard and MIT have developed a technology that could completely upset the way diabetics currently monitor their blood sugar levels. 

"Using a specialized ink, they have come up with a biosensing tattoo, one that will change color depending on your blood sugar levels," reported. Known as DermalAbyss ink, this specialized ink will be able to track pH levels and sodium and glucose concentrations in the blood stream and then changes color accordingly. Too much glucose in the person's blood? The ink becomes brown. When too much sodium is present, the ink will turn green. Changing pH levels are indicated using purple and pink ink. 

The ink is able to identify these changes by monitoring the person's interstitial fluid - "a substance that surrounds the tissue cells of an animal" - that is constantly flooded with water, ions, and small solutes.

So far, the ink has only been tested on pig skin - but the results have all been positive. However, human trials are still needed to test for potential allergic reactions and technological faults. 

Watch an informational video about the product here.