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New Era Pump System NE300 Just Infusion Syringe Pump is the economical choice with the features that you need and none that you don’t want to pay for. The NE300 operates in 3 quick easy steps. All the user needs to do is set the syringe diameter then set the infusion rate and start the pump. The pump holds 1 syringe ranging from micro-liters up to 60 ml. It’s easy to use keypad interface sets the diameter and pumping rates which pump continuously until the user stops. This syringe pump displays total dispensed volume in Ml or Ul units. New Era designed this unit with space saving intentions which won’t take up unnecessary space on your benchtop. This syringe pump reproduces precise flow rates again and again eliminating human error in your tests. Don’t worry about power failures ruining your experiment as it continues pumping after it’s reset. Please contact us with questions about our New Era Pump System NE300 Just Infusion Syringe Pump.

Syringe inside diameter range0.100 to 50.00 mm 
Maximum force 35 lbs. at minimum speed, 18 lbs. at maximum speed
Minimum pumping rate0.73 µL/hr with a B-D 1 mL syringe
Maximum pumping rate1,257 mL/hr with a B-D 60 mL syringe
Minimum speed 0.004205 cm/hr
Maximum speed 3.7742 cm/min
Power supply output rating12V DC @ 800 mA
Power supply typeUnregulated linear external wall adapter, country and power source
Amperage750 mA at full load
Voltage at DC connector12V DC at full load
DC connector2.1 mm, center positive
Drive screw pitch20 revolutions/inch
Motor to drive screw ratio 15/28
Advance per step0.2126 µm to 0.8504 µm depending on motor speed
Micro-stepping 1/8 to 1/2 depending on motor speed
Motor steps per revolution400
Motor type Step motor
Number of syringes 1
Syringe sizesUp to 140 cc
Dimensions9" x 6" x 5"
Weight3 lbs

  • New ERA NE300 Syringe Pump
  • 115V Power Cord
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Syringe pump has been fully tested by our service department with a clean bill of health.  Instrument is ready to ship with a lead time of 1-3 business days.

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