Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope

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The Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope is an adaptable and superbly stable device with stay in position stage handle and a tilting/telescoping eyepiece for optimal viewing posture. The viewing angle of this microscope can be set between 10 and 30 degrees, and the eyepiece can be extended up to 40 mm.  Producing clearly defined images with minimal flare, the CF160 optics combine CF design and infinity optics, and have a longer working distance by utilizing a 60mm parfocal distance. These optics are ideal for observation as well as image capture with a digital camera the optional DSC port.

The Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope uses a bright 6V-30W halogen lamp as a light source, ND8 filter and is enabled for brightfield, darkfield, epi-fluorescence, simple polarizing observation and phase contrast.  The Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope stage handle stays in position when adjusting stage movement. Knobs to control the stage and also focusing are located close together, allowing the user to make adjustments with an economy of movement in their resting arm. Controls frequently used on the Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope are concentrated on the lower part of the right-hand side of the base, minimizing the user’s hand movements and allowing them to maintain their focus on the specimen. 

The height and torque of the microscope stage handle can also be adjusted to accommodate the user’s preferences and comfort. In an effort to improve productivity, time spent is reduced thanks to a handle that lowers and raises the stage to its former height, eliminating the need to refocus when samples are changed. The Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope stage features a Alumite surface, a hardening treatment applied to the stage area to increase smoothness and durability, preventing scratching of the surface with repeated slide exchanges. Contact us with questions about our used Nikon Eclipse Microscope.

Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope Specifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H)16x12x19
Weight (lbs)30 lbs

  • Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope
  • 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x Infinity Objectives
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty

The Nikon Eclipse 50i Compound Microscope has been tested to ensure objectives are not delaminated and light source is working well.  Microscope is in excellent condition and ships within three business days.  Contact us if you have any refurbished lab equipment for sale.  We buy used laboratory equipment throughout the globe and offer top dollar for instrument we are actively seeking.

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