Beckman Allegra X-12 Centrifuge

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The Beckman Allegra X-12 is a great benchtop centrifuge used for simplifying cell and general separation process within your lab.  The centrifuge is also ideal for pelleting mammalian cells and separating mononuclear cells used in a wide range of studies.  The instrument features an easy to use keypad controller which features buttons for rotor, speed, timer and RCF.  The instrument includes an auto soft start to safeguard the integrity of your samples and comes equipped with an auto balance feature which completes runs even when there’s an imbalancing issue.  An ARIES Balanced rotor is required in order to use this feature. 

The Beckman Allegra X-12 Benchtop Centrifuge comes built with a brushless induction drive and maintenance free motor.  Moreover, the instrument has 10 independent acceleration profiles and 11 deceleration profiles users can use to program their process within in.  The centrifuge also includes 10 user defined programs which are commonly used for separating cells, blood, etc. The timer option built into the Beckman Allegra X-12 allows you to set, hold, or pulse while giving you the ability to switch between displays.  Another way this centrifuge streamlines processes within your lab is its walkaway capability.  Once the user has programmed and started their run, they can move onto another task while the Beckman Allegra X-12 Benchtop Centrifuge takes care of the rest.  An audible alarm chimes alerting the user when runs are completed. 

The Beckman Allegra X-12 can accommodate a wide range of rotors, tubes and adapters needed to general purpose cell culture tasks.  Centrifuge can spin cell culture flasks with BK369295 adapters which removes a step within cell separation allowing for increased productivity.  This used benchtop centrifuge operates at a constant preset temperature of 20°C and maintains constant stable temperature throughout the run.  Contact us today to learn more about our about our Beckman Allegra X-12 Benchtop Centrifuge.

Beckman Allegra X-12 Centrifuge Specifications:


4 x 750 ml

Maximum Speed

10,200 RPM

Maximum RCF

11,400 x g


20°C Constant

Preset Programs

10 Programs

Acceleration / Deceleration Slots

10 / 11 memory slots available


9 hours 59 minutes (Hold and Pulse included)


208V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H)

30” x 25” x 14” 



  • Beckman Allegra X-12 Centrifuge
  • SX4750 Rotor with four buckets
  • 208V Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This listing is for a fully refurbished Beckman Allegra X-12.   Centrifuge was tested multiple times at maximum speed to guarantee instrument is performing at manufacturer's listed specification.  We use a laser tacometer to test RPM of each run to ensure instrument is running at the setpoints we plugged in for specific run.  Instrument is currently ready to be shipped via freight.  If you need a lift-gate delivery please let us know beforehand so we can assist you in saving on shipping and handling.  If you have any questions, or would like a price quotation please fill out the form below.  

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