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The BioRad PTC-200 Thermal Cycler was created to meet the needs of a flexible, versatile easy to use thermal cycler by a team of molecular biologists and engineers. This state of the art instrument amplifies a small sample of DNA/RNA into thousands of copies through polymerase chain reaction process, with highly repeatable accurate results. This DNA Engine has a lot of power in a compact space saving, portable design. The base of BioRad PTC-200 DNA Engine can accommodate a series of interchangeable sample blocks, part of the Alpha Unit family. This thermal cycler comes with a 96V alpha block, with a capacity of either 96 X 0.2 ml tubes, or one 96-well microplate and is true gradient capable.

The BioRad PTC-200 PCR 96 Alpha block has an accuracy of + 0.4 °C , 30 seconds after the timer begins for the gradient step, with a column uniformity, and calculator accuracy of + 0.4 °C. The alpha block has a temperature range of 30 - 105°C, with a temperature differential range of 1–24°C. The hot bonnet heated lid allows for oil-free cycling.

The BioRad PTC-200 Thermal Cycler utilizes intuitive software, password protection, and an easy to read interface for quick programing, editing and file management. Factory installed protocols for ramping and cooling of the thermal cycler can be customized to your needs. Up to 15 PCR machines can be networked together for convenient documentation of runs and remote operation. Push button controls sit on the front dash allowing for quick access.  You have the choice of control in your thermal cycler, either through calculated sample temperature control for the highest speed and accuracy, or through block or probe control to match protocols designed for a variety of instrument types. 

BioRad PTC-200 Thermal Cycler Specifications:

Thermal range: 

–5˚ to 105˚C, but no more than 30˚C below ambient temperature


 ±0.3˚C of programmed target @ 90˚C, NIST-traceable

Thermal homogeneity:±0.4˚C well-to-well within 30 seconds of arrival at 90˚C (for most Alpha units; see specifications for individual Alpha units)
Ramping speed: 

Up to 3˚C/sec for all single- and dual-block Alpha units; 1.2˚C/sec for the Twin Tower

Sample capacity: Varies with installed Alpha unit
Line voltage: 

100–240VAC rms (no adjustment needed among voltages within these ranges)


50–60Hz single phase


850W maximum


Two 6.3A, 250V, 5 x 20mm


One 20 x 4 LCD alphanumeric display


            One 25-pin 8-bit parallel interface printer port One 9-pin RS-232 serial port for printer or remote use One IEEE-488 bidirectional general purpose interface bus 


200 typical programs in up to 12 individual folders


7.6–9.3kg, varies with installed Alpha unit (DNA Engine Tetrad: 29kg, including Alpha units and power supply)


24 x 35 x 17cm (DNA Engine Tetrad: 37 x 55 x 25cm)

  • BioRad PTC-200 with 96 Well
  • 96 well alpha block
  • Operator's Guide
  • Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty 

This listing is for a BioRad PTC-200 with 96 Well.  Instrument comes fully tested, including reaching min and max temperatures. If you have any questions please don't hesistate to contact us. 

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