• The Biotek ELx808 Absorbance Reader available from The Lab World Group, quality used lab equipment dealer
  • The BioTek ELX808 is ideally suited for kinetics assays
  • The BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Reader works well with endotoxin studies
  • The Biotek Elx808 absorbance reader comes equipped with Gen5 software
  • The Biotek Elx808 comes with built in controls or can run on the Gen5 software suite
  • The Biotek ELx808 Reader work with 96 well plates and is ideal for long term bacteria studies
  • The Biotek Elx808 plate readers has the capability of running full wavelength scan
  • The BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Reader is ideal for applications in a variety of fields
  • The BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Reader also comes with Gen 5 Software
  • The BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Reader offers you precise accurate and repeatable readings
  • The BioTek ELx808 plate Reader operates in absorbance
  • Biotek ELX808 ELISA Plate Reader for sale

BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Plate Reader


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The BioTek ELx808 Plate Reader offers you precise accurate and repeatable readings, with the flexibility to manipulate and analyze your data to fit your needs. This absorbance microplate reader is self-testing through an on board diagnostic, and can be calibrated with a test plate to make sure your ELx808 is ready to go. This BioTek plate reader comes with a robust catalog of onboard data analysis such as transformation formulas, assay control and validation, and being able to process multiple assays on one plate, and reporting kinetic rate, R2 and onset time without the need for a PC. This microplate reader offers fast kinetics with measurement in as little time as 6 seconds.


The BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader is ideal for applications in fields such as agriculture, biotechnology, cell biology, counting and proliferation, Food processing, Kinetic ELISA, Neuroscience and many more.  This absorbance plate reader offers 4 Zone temperature control and an incubation range up to 50°C.  The BioTek ELx808 has a 96 well plate configurations and a wavelength range between 380 and 900 nm. In addition, evaporation and edge effect are minimized thanks to unique heated track and carrier design. 

The BioTek ELx808 Microplate Reader also comes with Gen 5 Software that gives users an easy to use, intuitive interface, with data reduction tools to help streamline information, and increase productivity. This plate reader is also gives you superior optics with the clever staggered design to eliminate channel to channel cross talk. 

BioTek ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader Specifications:


Detection modes


Read methods

End point, kinetic, linear scanning

Microplate types

96-well plates




Gen5 Reader Control Software


Light source

Tungsten halogen



Wavelength selection


Wavelength range

380 to 900 nm

Dynamic range

0 to 4.0 OD


0.001 OD

Pathlength correction


Filter wheel capacity

6 positions

Filters supplied 

4 filters 

Physical Characteristics


100 - 240 Volts AC. 50/60 Hz


16 x 16 x 15"


30 lbs

  • Biotek ELx808 Absorbance Plate Reader 
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Gen5 Software
  • Absorbance Validation Report
  • 120V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

The Biotek ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader has been tested and is currently ready to ship. This Plate Reader ships out within three days from receipt of order and is backed with our standard warranty. Please note for best operation, this plate reader should be placed on a level surface, in an area where ambient temperatures are between 64-104°F, without excessive humidity, or direct sunlight as it can reduce linear performance. The area should also be clean and free of dust so as not to affect readings from this microplate reader. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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