BioTek Synergy HTX Multi Mode Microplate Reader (Abs + FL + Lum)

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The BioTek Synergy HTX multi-detection microplate reader brings you unmatched performance in all forms of detection, for your fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence needs. This plate reader is a compact, contained and powerful addition to your lab that can handle a broad range of container formats. This dual optics of the Synergy HTX uses filters, a photon multiplier tube and a long-lasting tungsten halogen lamp to provide the most constant light and high levels of repeatable sensitivity. Measurements in this muti-mode microplate reader can be customized with the use of different filters and band passes, with filters specifically designed to prevent light leakage from excitation to emission wavelengths. The low noise PMT in this multimode microplate reader has a digital photon mode for optimal detection in luminescence mode. When in absorbance mode, the BioTek Synergy HTX microplate reader switches to different Xenon Flash Lamp which allow the detection of UV and visible light.

The BioTek Synergy HTX delivers high performance results in a matter of seconds thanks to the combined power of a xenon flash lamp and a monochromator for wavelength selection. Selection can range from 200 to 999 nanometers in 1 Nm increments, offering you outstanding customization. This microplate reader also has a temperature control system for uniform kinetic assays, as well as both linear and orbital shaking. This multimode microplate reader can be upgraded with a dual reagent injection module for inject/read applications. For the best in optimization, and automation, this system is Biostack ready and is compatible with a wide range of automated systems.  This powerful microplate reader is easily controlled through Gen5 Software, a Windows based operating system designed to streamline your data collection, analysis, reporting and exporting. 

BioTek Synergy HTX System Specifications:

Detection Mode

Absorbance (UV/Vis), Luminescence, Fluorescence

Read Method

Kinetic, End Point, Spectral Scanning, Well Area Scanning

Temperature Control

4-Zone™ incubation to 50 °C with Condensation Control™

+0.2 °C at 37 °C


Linear and Orbital

Microplate Formats

6 to 384 well plates, PCR plates Petri and Cell Culture Dishes, accepts Take3 multi-volume plate with 2µL microspots

 Absorbance Specifications:



Light Source

Xenon Flash

Wavelength Selection


Wavelength Range

200 - 999nm, 1nm increments


2.4 nm

Monochromator Wavelength Accuracy


Monochromator Wavelength Repeatability


Reading Speed (kinetic)

96 wells: 14 Seconds

384 wells: 26 Seconds

 Fluorescence Specifications:

Light Source

Tungsten Halogen

Xenon Flash


Fluorescein 5 pM typical

Wavelength Selection


Wavelength Range

300 - 700 nm (200 - 850 nm option)

Dynamic Range

>6 decades

Detection System


Reading Speed

96 well at 31 seconds, 384 wells at 80 seconds

Luminescence Specifications:


30 amol ATP typical (flash)

Wavelength Range

300 - 700 nm

Dynamic Range

>6 decades

Biotek Synergy HTX System Breakdown:


100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz


15" x 22" x 12" (L x W x H)


40 lbs

  • Biotek Synergy HTX Model S1LFA
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Gen5 Software
  • Absorbance Validation Report with Clean Bill of Health
  • Fluorescence Validation Report with Clean Bill of Health
  • System Validation Report with Clean Bill of Health
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Communication Cable
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Biotek Synergy HTX S1FLA comes complete with current validation reports and a clean bill of health. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hestitate to contact us.

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