Critical Analysis in the Field

Photo of the Torion T9 portable GC-MS system

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrophotometry has long been used to provide analytical information for many types of organic analyses. Most often you think of a laboratory environment with controlled conditions. But more recently over the last decade, a new branch of use has evolved, where ruggedly constructed instruments can be taken out of the lab and out into the field. Instruments like the Torion T-9, an on the go lab from PerkinElmer.

These portable GC-MS units can be taken anywhere rapid analysis is required with a high level of certainty and every second matters. For forensic purposes like determining if a suspected chemical is present in order to conduct an investigation more confidently, or when the time frame when chemicals appear or disappear is needed in order to establish a series of events. Portable GC-MS units can be used to detect chemical warfare agents in the air, an especially critical time based function, or whether a dangerous chemical is still present in an environment. When you have a situation where you need to know if it’s safe for personnel to proceed, these quick onsite determinations can be an invaluable tool.

That’s what makes the Torion T-9 appealing, it rapid response time. The system is ready to go only five minutes after boot up, even from a cold start and can analyze an average of around 12 samples in an hour. With its rugged construction, simple interface and 2.5 hour battery life, this portable GC-MS fits the bill for field work in harsh circumstances. The system is compact and handles large trapping volume in its miniaturized MS that uses a toroidal ion trap. The toroidal ion trap produces high ion counts and reduces noise giving a spectral quality on par with a benchtop version.  

Whenever a situation calls for rapid answers with reliable conclusive information out in the field, a potable GC-MS system is the answer.