GE EPS601 Electrophoresis Power Supply

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The GE EPS601 Electrophoresis Power Supply offers you consistent power and protection for your blotting, nucleic acid submarine and mini vertical gel electrophoresis needs. A constant current mode is available for blotting, with a constant voltage mode for your other applications. This electrophoresis power supply is capable of both timed and continuous runs which can be set up from the easy to read digital display. The single unit increments of settings and read outs offer precision and reproducibility.  

The GE EPS601 Electrophoresis Power Supply can store up to three protocols, and can run duplicate parallel runs through two pairs of power outlets. In the event of a power failure, this power supply will recover automatically. To protect experiments and equipment, an automatic parameter limit crossover prevents this electrophoresis power supply from overheating, in addition ot the overload/short circuit protection, ground leakage protection and no-load detection.

 GE EPS601 Electrophoresis Power Supply Specifications:


1-100 W

Programming Range 

Voltage: 6–600 V DC

Current: 1–400 mA

Power: 1–100 W

Time: 00:01–500 h

Volthour: 1–500 000 Vh

Output Resolution

 Voltage: 1 V

Current: 100 μA, 0–39.9 mA

1 mA, 40–400 mA

Power: 1W

Programming Resolution

Voltage: 1 V

Current: 1 mA

Power: 1 W

Time: 1 min, 00:01–99:59,

1h, 100–500 h

Volthour: 1 Vh, 1–9999 Vh,

100 Vh, 10.0–99.9 kVh

1 kVh, 100–500 kV


Voltage: 1%, ±3 V

Current: 1%, ±1 mA

Power: 2%, ±1 W

Timer: 0.1% ±1 min, 00:01–99:59 h

0.1%, ±10 min, 100–500 h

Start Current Check

 Resistance not greater than 0.2 MΩ at 40 V (current less than 200 µA). Can be disabled

Output Protection

 Fully protected against any overload conditions

Recovery After Power Failure

 Duration <8 s, the program continues automatically, duration 38 s, the program continues after manual restart

Operating Temp. Min.


Operating Temp. Max.


Mains Requirement

100 to 120/220 to 240 V; 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption 

140 W

Timer Operation

 1 min to 500 h, continuous; 1 Vh to 500 kVh

Output Connector Type

4 mm


3 Protocols, 1 phase

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This GE EPS601 Electrophoresis Power Supply has been inspected and performed to expectations. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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