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The GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imaging system provides high resolution and precise quantitation of nucleic acids, proteins and other biomolecules. With a pixel resolution of up to 10 µm this variable mode laser scanner has a linear signal response over five orders of magnitude allowing highly detailed quantitation of samples. Samples include agarose and polyacrylamide gels, membranes, radioisotope-labeled samples, and DIGE gels. The GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imaging system adequately handles quantitative chemiluminescent imaging, with the requirement of maximum sensitivity. A 1000 μm prescan quickly gives an overview of your sample.

The GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imaging system is versatile, and can handle imaging of chemifluorescent labeled, radioisotope-labeled and multiflourescent labeled samples as well as calorimetrically-stained samples, and filmless autoradiography. The 40 x 46 cm scanning area of this imaging system allows it to simultaneously scan up to twenty 10 x 8 cm gels or blots, reducing workload and wait times.

The GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imaging system is 2-D DIGE imaging capable, and can image two 2-D DIGE gels at the same time, yielding differential protein expression studies, each measuring 20 x 25 cm. This imaging system also has ECL Plus chemifluorescent imaging capabilities used for Western blotting protocol, and multifluorescent ECL Plex imaging when processing two or more proteins in the same blot.

The GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imaging system accommodates four automated filters, that are easy to access and can be exchanged without the use of tools. To achieve a robust spectrum, the GE Typhoon FLA 9500 comes with both bi-alkali and multialkali photo multiplier tubes. These filters and tubes, as well as detectors and stages can be adapted in an effort to optimize performance in new applications. Stages maybe removed without difficulty for cleaning. 

GE Typhoon FLA 9500 Imaging System:

Excitation wavelengths:473 nm (blue LD laser), 532 nm (green SHG laser), 635 nm (red LD laser), 685 nm (optional near IR LD laser), and 785 nm (optional near IR LD laser)
Bit depth:16-bit
Temperature:15°C to 30°C
Humidity:20% to 70% (no condensation)

  • GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imaging system
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This  GE Typhoon FLA 9500 imaging system has been inspected and tested and is in excellent condition. If you have any questions about this or any of our other scanners, please don't hesistate to contact us. 

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