GE Ultrospec 7000 Spectrophotometer New In Case

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  • Used uv vis spectrophotometer for sale with warranty
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The Ultrospec 7000 from GE Life Sciences is a dual beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer used for a variety of applications.  This dual beam easy-to-use spectrophotometer has a bandwidth 2nm and runs on a low cost Xenon lamp.  The simple touchscreen operation all multiple user to choose between methods of data export.  The GE Ultrospec 7000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer can be used as a stand-alone system, or paired up with a computer workstation running Datrys Standard. The Datrys software is capable of full wavelength scanning, standard curves, kinetics, fixed wavelength scans, along with a number of preprogrammed life science methods to choose from.  

The GE Ultrospec 7000 was designed for low cost operation with minimal maintenance, allowing scientist to do what they do best.  Wavelength calibration is automatic during start-up and the wavelength range of this spectrophotometer is 190 to 1100nm.  System has an absorbance range of -4.0 to 4.0A. User can choose from a wide range of accessories such as a sipper, thermostatting cell holder, cell changes, just to name a few.  Reproducible results are easily achieved with this dual beam UV Vis Spectrophotometer System includes a Windows 7 notebook and travel case.  Contact us today to learn more about our GE Ultrospec 7000 UV Vis Spectrophotometer.

GE 7000 Ultrospec UV Vis Spectrophotometer Specifications:

Optical systemDouble-beam monochromator
Light source Pulsed Xenon lamp 
DetectorDual-silicon photodiodes
Wavelength range190 – 1100 nm
Absorbance range - 4.0 to 4.0 A
Spectral bandwidth2 nm
Wavelength accuracy± 0.5 nm across wavelength range
Wavelength reproducibility± 0.1 nm
Photometric reproducibility ± 0.002 A at 1 A 
Photometric accuracy± 0.002 A at 0.5 A, ± 0.004 A at 1 A, ± 0.006 A at 2 A
Zero stability± 0.001 A/hr at 500 nm
Noise< 0.0002 A RMS at 500 nm
Stray light< 0.05%T at 220 nm using NaI and 340 nm using NaNO2
Power supply110-250 V, 50/60 Hz, Max 30 VA
Dimensions29" x 25" x 22" 
Weight39 lbs

  • GE Ultrospec 7000 UV Spectrophotometer Brand New (Catalog # 29003605)
  • Travel Case
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Datry's Standard Software
  • Communication Cable
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty


This listing is for a new/demo GE Ultrospec 7000 UV Spectrophotometer.  We calibrated using a set of our own standards to guarantee the spectrometer was performing up to factory specification.  System comes configured with a Windows 7 notebook running Datrys standard edition software.  This UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is completely turn-key and ready to be shipped.

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