Labconco Freezone 6 Plus Benchtop Freeze Dryer

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The Labconco Freezone Plus 6 Benchtop Freeze Dryer is specially designed for samples with low eutectic points. Freeze drying is especially suited for substances that are heat sensitive, making this laboratory freeze dryer ideal for not only food processing, but also in the development of pharmaceuticals, and in the preservation of biological samples. The Labconco Freezone Plus 6 Benchtop Freeze Dryer is constructed of an epoxy coated steel exterior, upright stainless steel 10 Port T-Style Manifold and coil, with ½” thick clear acrylic lid and neoprene gasket. This lyophilizer can remove up to 4.1 liters of water over 24 hours, holding 6 liters of ice before defrosting, and performs best when the ambient room temperature is 70° F (21°C) or cooler. The refrigeration system on this lyophilizer is a dual 1/3 hp CFC free refrigeration system, with collection temperatures at  -84° C, -119° F. A LED “wave” display provides users with an at a glance status update while operating. This 6 liter cascade freeze dryer also features a purge valve and built in drying chamber. 


At the rear of the Labconco Freezone Plus 6 Benchtop Freeze Dryer users will find a RS-232 port for transmitting data to a PC, which can be configured at intervals of 30, 60, 300 or 600 seconds. Also on the back of this benchtop freeze dryer, users will find manual overrides for the vacuum and collector, as well as automatic start up switches. On the front of the Labconco Freezone Plus 6 Benchtop Freeze Dryer parameters and alarm messages are clearly displayed on a LCD screen. Users can select display choices for temperature (°C or °F) and vacuum (mBar, Pa and Torr), as well as the total number of hours of refrigeration and vacuum system operations, and time elapsed since either system was last serviced allowing users to stay on top of maintenance.

Labconco 6 Freezone Plus Benchtop Freeze Dryer Specifications:


280 lbs

Weight metric: 

68.0 kg


 32.2" w x 28.0" d x 36.3" h

Dimensions metric: 

81.8 cm w x 71.1 cm d x 92.2 cm h


115 volts, 60 Hz, 16 A

Collector Temperature: 

 -84° C, -119° F

Ice Holding Capacity: 

6 L

Plug Type: 

North America, 115 volt, 20 A



Vacuum Pump Displacement Required: 

98 L/Min. or larger displacement


  • Labconco Freezone 6 Plus Cat# 7934026
  • 10 Port T-Style Manifold
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

The Labconco FreeZone Plus 6 Liter Freeze Dryer has been thoroughly inspected as part of our comprehensive preventative maintenance. This includes verifying the that the compressor reached -87°C and that the included vacuum pump reaches adequate pressure. The ports have been replaced, and both the ports and the chamber have been leak tested. This Lyophilizer is in perfect working condition and ready to ship.

When installing this Labconco freeze dryer you should allow for 3” of clearance on all sides to allow for proper air flow. This air helps cool the refrigeration system of the freezedry system, and any obstruction could adversely impact how the instrument performs. As this is a console model it is a good idea to secure the instrument to the floor. Due to the size of this lyophilizer, it’s recommend that at least two people be used along with safe lifting guidelines. In addition, caution should be used when using flammable or hazardous solvents, the vacuum pump must be vented to or operated inside a fume hood.

Here at the Lab World Group we are on hand for trouble shooting installation or operation of this Freezone Benchtop System. We include an operator’s guide with the instrument, and becoming familiar with this Labconco system is important, includes maintenance routines, cleaning schedules and inspections can help to prolong the life of your Freezedry system.  All instruments sold on our site include our standard thirty-day warranty and typically ship within three business days from receipt of completed sales order.  If you have questions about our refurbishment process, this Freezone Plus 6 or would like a quote from our sales team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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