MVE Tec 3000 Controller with 1400 Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

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The Chart MVE 1426 Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewar with TEC 3000 Controller offers you one of the largest density cryogenic storage capability with precise microprocessor control for the best in high capacity storage you can count on. This high capacity cryostorage container holds 388L of liquid nitrogen, up to 26650 2mL vials, and has one of the widest neck openings available for easy access to samples. The low-profile design of this cryogenic storage system means less lift over height for more ergonomic use. This cryogenic storage system is paired with the TEC 3000, a fully automated LN2 level control system. This innovative LN2 control system features a Hot Gas Bypass that automatically vents warm nitrogen gas from the supply line before initiating a fill cycle so no freezer space is wasted. The bypass feature of this Liquid Nitrogen Dewar controller also helps to maintain temperature stability, and retention as well as efficient filling. The TEC 3000 uses differential pressure to determine the LN2 level with an accuracy of ± 0.5 in. (15 mm) and a resolution of 0.1 in. (5.0 mm). The desired LN2 level of this cryogenic storage system is user defined, and can be electronically adjusted over the whole range. A series of alarms and alerts, such as low level alarm, low level fill point, high level fill point and high level alarm on this Dewar System can also be set from the TEC 3000 Controller.

The Chart MVE 1426 Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewar with TEC 3000 Controller stores vital data in time stamped, non-volatile memory, letting users asses performance and diagnose any issues that may arise. The memory of this LN2 Dewar Controller can store up to 30,000, which translates to nearly 10 years of storage, parameters such as temperatures, LN2 level, liquid usage, and any alarms or events that may occur. The TEC 3000 can also store up to 10 user passwords and has 4 security levels to prevent accidental tampering. Lastly the TEC 3000 Controller can be used to communicate with other controllers, other RS-485 networks and devices, or a remote PC.

MVE 1426 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Specifications:



Max capacity  

 26,650 2 mL Vials

18 100 Cell Boxes

4 25 Cell Boxes

13 Stages Per Rack

79,800 x 0.5ml high security straws

95 canisters

5;168 Goblets/Canister; Straws/Goblets

Neck opening 



37 x 34 x 43


490 lbs


110-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

PPING Design Pressure


MVE TEC 3000 


9.1 x 3.5 x 8 “




LCD Backlit

Temperature Sensor 

2 Type 2-wire Platinum RTD (Pt-1000)


1000 Ω @ 0°C


3.85 Ω / °C

  • Chart MVE 1426 Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewar with TEC 3000 Controller 
  • Controller with Auto-Feed
  • Sample Racks
  • Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Please note LN2 Supply tank on left with line hose is not included.  This is our testing tank.

This Chart MVE 1426 Series Liquid Nitrogen Dewar with TEC 3000 Controller  has been thoroughly inspected including autofill and is performing to expectations. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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