Microm HM 355 S Rotary Microtome

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The Microm HM 355 S Rotary Microtome is responsive, heavy duty, easy to operate and easy to clean. Using four modes of operation, interval, single, multi and continuous stroke the Microm HM 355S Microtome also offers a built in armrest and flexibility of configuration for left or right handed users. It features a generous waste tray, for the collection of section waste. This high functioning microtome can accommodate all specimen clamps within Microm product range and knife carriers of the rotary microtome HM 300 series. Clamps can be rotated 360 degrees.

The Microm HM 355S Rotary Microtome is particularly useful for biological, medicinal and industrial applications, and is designed for efficient sectioning of paraffin and hard specimens. A motorized coarse feed system can handle continuous and graduated specimens, has three different speed settings, and allows forward and backward travel.  The Microm HM 355S is specifically designed sliding microtome for single handed sectioning and adjustments without losing speed or safety. The model also has easy adjustment of specimen and knife edge distances. Uniform cutting speed and adjustments to section force variations is achieved through a electronically controlled motor drive with a precision tachogenerator. A conveyor belt automatically transfers the section into a water bath with a continuous water flow. This transfer results in more useable sections and uses less material. The Microm HM 355S microtome features emergency stop devices, including an electromechanical hand wheel handle and hand wheel break. 

Microm HM 355 S Rotary Microtome Specifications:  

Fine Section Thickness Range 

0.5 – 5 µm in 0.5 µm steps from 5 – 20 µm in 1 µm steps from 20 – 30 µm in 2 µm steps from 30 – 60 µm in 5 µm steps from 60 – 100 µm in 10 µm steps

Trim Section Thickness Range    

5 – 30 µm in 5 µm steps from 30 – 100 µm in 10 µm steps from 100 – 200 µm in 20 µm steps from 200 – 500 µm in 50 µm steps

Total horizontal feed 

28.000 µm

Sectioning speed

0 – 450 mm/s

Sectioning Modes

0 to 450 mm per second

Vertical specimen stroke 

72 mm

Sample orientation 

8° along the X-Y-axis, rotatable 360°

Sample retraction during return stroke 

40 µm, can be deactivated




115V 50/60Hz, 1.6A


26 x 16 x 15”


85 lbs

  • Microm HM 355S Rotary Microtome
  • Blade Holder
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Microm HM 355 S Microtome has been thoroughly inspected and is performing to expectations. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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