Ohaus Scout Pro Balance SP2001

  • The Ohuas Scout Pro Top Loading Balance is a flexible and portable
  • The Ohuas Scout Pro Top Loading Balance has a capacity 2000g
  • The Ohuas Scout Pro Top Loading Balance can do piece counts and percent weighing
  • The Ohuas Scout Pro Top Loading Balance can use either 4 AA batteries or an AC wall pack
  • The Ohuas Scout Pro Top Loading Balance is easy to clean
  • The Ohuas Scout Pro Top Loading Balance has safe guards to protect against shock and overloading
  • The Ohuas Scout Pro Top Loading Balance is user configurable




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The Ohuas Scout Pro SP2001 is a flexible, portable and accurate addition to your laboratory, industrial or educational setting. With a capacity of 2000g, this laboratory balance allows for piece counts for inventory control, percent weighing to compare samples for compounding or formulation, totalization to sum the weights measured, and features weight hold for oversized packages in shipping. With use of either 4 “AA” batteries or the AC wall pack this analytical balance can be transported and placed where ever you need it most. A convenient removable stainless steel pan and sealed front panel and molded construction makes this balance a breeze to clean. 

The Ohaus Scout Pro Balance is designed with safeguards to make sure years of hassle free use. Features like mechanical and software protections against shock and overloading, and a shipping lock to protect the weighing cell during transport. This SP2001 laboratory balance offers connectivity through a RS232 port or a USB connection, allowing integration with Scout Pro interface accessories. The Scout Pro Balance displays weights in g, kg, oz, lbs, ozt, and dwt, on a high contrast LDC screen. This digital balance quickly displays application data, stability indicators, over/underload conditions and low battery power.  The Ohaus Scout Pro Balance is also user configurable through an on-display menu system, that once configured, can be locked to prevent reconfiguration mid use. The integrated weigh below hook allows you to determine density and calculate the specific gravity of samples.  

Ohaus Scout Pro SP2001 BalanceSpecifications:


2000  grams



Item Weight

2 pounds

Overall Height

2.13  inches

Overall Length

8.27  inches

Overall Width

7.56  inches


2000g Capacity, 0.1g Readability

Operating Temperature Range

10/40  Degrees Celsius

  • Ohuas Scout Pro SP2001 Balance
  • Weigh Pan
  • Power Adapter
  • Warranty

This Ohuas Scout Pro SP2001 Top Loading Balance has been calibrated with our in house weights. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

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