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The Thermo Revco Ultra Plus ULT2586 Ultra Low Temperature -80°C Freezer combines cost effective operation and energy efficiency with superior performance and temperature stability. Coolants are CFC free and are specifically formulated for ultra-low applications. Using microprocessor controls, an eye level door mounted control panel and advanced refrigeration, the Thermo ULT2586 Ultra Low Temperature -80°C Freezer ensures faster temperature recovery after door openings, with up to 20% more heat removal over ordinary freezers. The ultra-low temperature -80°C Freezer uses 15% less power with a smooth down feed evaporator, and 15% less overall heat generation into the lab environment.


The Thermo ULT2586 Ultra Low Temperature-80°C Freezer runs far quieter with advanced noise abatement and insulation, so they can reside within your lab without being disruptive. Keeping them within the lab space helps to speed preparation and helps to cut down sample exposure time. The pressure equalization port is door mounted and doesn’t take up valuable freezer real estate, nor does it require ice removal. For ultimate closure efficiency the five doors of this ultra-low temperature freezer use outer door gaskets to secure a seal, and individual compartments create convenient organized storage. The door handle is built for one handed operation also comes with a built in key lock and is compatible for pad lock use for extra security. Corrosion resistant coated steel interior walls feature rounded corners for easy clean up.


The Thermo ULT2586 Ultra Low Temperature -80°C Freezer utilizers a automatic voltage buck and boost system, should the incoming voltage become too high, or low. The life-guard system alerts the user to changes in conditions, internally and externally, that may adversely affect this lab freezer's functionality. Should a change in room temperature cause a potential change in performance, an extreme ambient alert will sound. There are also several audible and visual warning systems in the event of a power failure or temperature change, as well as indicating a compressor filter change is necessary or the backup battery is low. On board diagnostics monitors the system sensors and reports back error codes and probable causes. 

Thermo Scientific ULT2586 -80°C Freezer Specifications:


24.4 / 691 liters

Temperature Range

-40° to -86°C

Temperature Accuracy



built-in audible with visual high and low set points

Interior Dimensions H x W x D inches (mm) 

50.5 x 34.5 x 24.3  (1283 x 876 x 616)


115V 16A 60Hz

Exterior Dimensions H x W x D inches (mm) 

77.8 x 48.0 x 36.3  (1975 x 1219 x 922)



  • Thermo Revco Utima Plus -80°C Freezer ULT2586-10-A42
  • New Filter
  • Freezer key
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • Warranty

This Thermo ULT2586 Ultra Low Temperature -80°C Freezer is in excellent condition and was tested for two weeks at it's maximum set point temperature.  Unit is work great and ready to be shipped out via freight.  Turnaround time is typically 1-3 business days from receipt of order.  Please let us know if you need lift-gate delivery.

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