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The Thermo Savant DNA 110 SpeedVac Concentrator has a compact footprint and quiet operation, making it an ideal choice especially in a small environment. Typical applications include concentrating or drying oligonucleotides, ethanol precipitates of DNA, hydrolysates of proteins, bio assay, immunoassay, preparing samples for analysis by HPLC, GC/MS and many more. This DNA concentrator can also be used in organic chemistry for drug or pesticide testing, and residue analysis.

The Thermo Savant DNA 110 SpeedVac rapidly evaporates liquids via centrifugal vacuum, to concentrate or dry solutes, analytes and residues in aqueous and organic solvents. As the rotor spins, centrifugal force keeps samples from bumping or foaming, and prevents sample loss. In fact 100% recovery in this DNA concentrator is one of the reasons the Savant series is so desirable. It has corrosion resistant construction and is equipped with an automatic oil free vacuum pump and automatic rotor. This DNA concentrator can be used with either a 24 or a 36 microcentrifuge tube rotor, or larger capacities for 0.5ml tubes. The Thermo Savant DNA 110 SpeedVac Concentrator has three drying rates, ambient -43°C and 65°C to aid in optimizing evaporation procedures. 

Thermo Savant DNA 110 SpeedVac Concentrator Specifications:

Chamber Temperature

Ambient -43˚C or 

65˚C with over-temperature safety shut-off

Rotor Spin Speed

50 Hz – 1300 RPM (typical no rotor) 

60 Hz – 1600 RPM (typical no rotor

Concentrator Volume

39 – 72 tubes 2 shallow-well microplates

Max. Vacuum

< 10 torr

W x D x H

13" x 25" x 13"


86 lbs. (39 kg)

Power Requirements

230 VAC/ 50Hz, 5A

Max Tube Capacity

48 x 0.5 ml

  • Thermo Savant DNA 110 SpeedVac Concentrator
  • 5ml rotor
  • Power cord
  • Built-in vacuum system
  • Operator's guide
  • Warranty

This Thermo Savant DNA 110 SpeedVac Concentrator has been fully tested and comes with our standard warranty. If you have any questions about this instrument, please don't hesistate to contact us. 

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