Thermo Scientific 4625 Shaker

  • The Thermo Scientific Thermo 4625 titer plate shaker, available from The Lab World Group, Sellers of quality Used Lab Equipment
  • The Thermo 4625 titer plate shaker are used for assay preparation
  • The Thermo titer plate shaker model 4625 has a speed range of between 40-1100 RPM
  • The Thermo 4625 plate shakers available for sale at The Lab World Group a seller of refurbished lab equipment
  • The Barnstead 4625 plate shaker are used in various cell culture studies
  • The Thermo 4625 Titer Shaker comes with microplate clips and warranty at The Lab World Group
  • Used Microtiter plate shakers are on sale at The Lab World Group a seller of reconditioned lab equipment
  • The Thermo Barnstead 4625 Microtiter Shaker offers you reliable shaking, durable construction
  • The Thermo Barnstead 4625 Microtiter Shaker has a built in timer
Thermo Scientific
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The Thermo Scientific 4625 comes from a long line of Lab Line 4625 shakers. Thermo Scientific purchased the company and kept the reliable model as staple with some cosmetic updating and optional digital features. The controls on this lab shaker are simple and intuitive. Simply set your speed on the microtiter Shaker from 40 rpm to 1100 rpm and then set it to either continuous or timed shaking. The Thermo 4625 Shaker can be set for timed shaking up to 5 minutes. This can be easily selected by a rocker on the 4625 control panel, which can switch between constant and timed.  In addition, the 4625 has a nonskid top and retaining springs to hold the plates. The 4625 also has rubber feet which stop the Thermo 4625 shaker from moving during operation.


 Thermo Scientific 4625 Micro-titer Shaker Specifications:

Speed Range40 to 1100 RPM
Capacity4 Plates at Once with 0.12 orbit between wells
Power115V 50/60Hz
Dimensions10" x 11" x 4" 
Weight20 lb

  • Thermo Barnstead Labline 4625 Titer Shaker 
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo Scientific 4625 Micro-titer shaker comes fully tested and backed with our standard warranty.  Please give us a call with questions about any of our used laboratory equipment listings.  

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