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The Thermo Napco 8000DH CO2 Incubator provides digital control, and Class 100 air quality in a reliable, easy to use instrument. This Direct Heat CO2 Incubator has a capacity of 6.5 cu ft, and reaches temperature between 5 above ambient to 50°C uniformity of ±0.3°C. This CO2 Incubator uses an IR sensor to help monitor CO2 levels, and has a CO2 range between 0-20%. This sturdily constructed Napco 8000 DH features an easy to clean stainless chamber with coved corners and a tempered glass door, that allows users to monitor sample progression without disturbing the environment. This CO2 incubator also features a sterilization cycle that can run overnight to eliminate all microbial life within the chamber. This direct heat incubator prevents contamination with rapid HEPA filtration, that gives you Class 100 air quality in under 5 minutes. Various alarms alert users to parameter deviations such as over temperature, and humidity. Contact us today to learn more about our CO2 Incubators.

Thermo Napco 8000DH CO2 Incubator Specifications:

Temperature Control  ±0.1°C Microprocessor PID Control
Temperature Range+5°C above ambient to 50°C
Temperature Uniformity±0.3°C @ +37°C
Relative Humidity Control Humidity pan - natural vaporization
CO2 Control ±0.1% microprocessor PID control
CO2 Readability 0.1%
CO2 Range 0 to 20%
CO2 Inlet pressure 15 psi
Interior volume 6.5 cu. ft.
Insulation Mineral wool
Interior 18 x 18 x 24”
Dimensions Exterior per incubator26 x 27 x39”
Power115VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1PH, 9.6 A
Weight275 lbs

  • Thermo Napco 8000DH Direct Heat CO2 Incubator
  • Stainless Steel Shelves
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Temp Validation Report
  • Operator's Guide
  • 120V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

Thermo 8000DH CO2 Incubator has been fully tested and calibrated by our service department.  Incubator includes a temp calibration report showcasing a clean bill of health and is ready to ship.  We calibrated the incubator with two points of reference running at 37°C with 7% and 14% CO2 concentration.

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