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The Thermo Scientific Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser is an automated, precise, high throughput addition to your lab. Designed to work with 96 or 384 well plates, this microplate dispenser works rapidly and continuously, utilizing a peristaltic pump, and can dispense up to 8 different reagents at a time. Useful in bacteriology, cell biology, hematology, immunology, toxicology and virology, the Multidrop 384 reagent dispenser’s small size and light weight makes it portable and can be placed where ever is convenient for the user. This microplate dispenser can be used stand alone, or with the use of the RS-232 serial port, can be added to a robotic system.

The Thermo Scientific MultiDrop 384 Reagent Dispenser will fill an entire 384- well microplate with 20 µl in 20 seconds, or if using a 96-well plate, it can fill 20 µl in 5 seconds. This microplate dispenser’s volume range is flexible with a volume range 5 ― 100 µl for 384-well plates and 5 ― 395 µl for 96-well plates. The number of columns filled in this reagent dispenser can also be selected, depending on the microplate size, either 1-24 in a 384-well plate or 1-12 in a 96-well plate. To minimize the loss of expensive reagents, all lines can be back flushed back into the bottle. Dispensing cassettes can be removed and autoclaved in order to prevent cross contamination and maintain sterility. 

Thermo Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser Specifications:

Plate Type96-, 384-well plates
Volume (Metric) Range Dispensing5 to 395µL
Dispensing Speed96-well plate: 20µL in 5 seconds, 50µL in 8 seconds and 384-well plate: 20µL in 20 seconds, 50µL in 25 seconds
Dispensing Increments5µL increments
Electrical Requirements100 to 120V 50/60Hz

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This Thermo Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser has been tested and functions excellently. This unit also has some light cosmetic damage and does not effect it's functionality. If you have any questions about this micorplate dispenser, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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