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The Thermo Multiskan FC Microplate Reader gives you fast reading speeds and broad wavelength ranges for your labs DNA, RNA, and protein analysis needs. Users of this microplate reader have the flexibility of selecting any wavelength from a range of 340-850nm depending on their needs thanks to its advanced monocromator system. A whole spectrum can be scanned in as little at 10 seconds, in 1nm increments, while narrow measurement bandwidth ensures excellent spectral resolution. Dual beam optics include an self-checking channel to make sure results are consistent for any measuring condition.

The Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC Microplate Reader reads 96-and 384-well microplates with or without lids, nearly any cuvette type, and is µDrop plate compatible. This unit comes with the µDrop plate, that allows the reading of low volume samples down to 2µL. Both the cuvette holder and the microplate chamber can be temperature controlled at up 45°C when incubation optional feature is installed.  This features makes this microplate reader ideal for assays such as enzyme kinetics and cellular assays. Shaking speeds are also user selectable. Upon start up the Thermo plate reader runs extensive self-diagnostic programs to verify all major functionalities, with a continuous runtime control to make sure day to day and year to year performance is on point. 

The Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC Microplate Reader has a user-friendly interface, in multiple languages, from which you can run quick measurements using readymade sessions. Users can also go more in depth through the SkanIt software and PC control for more challenging assays. SkanIt software provides users of this spectrophotometer with built in calculations, including kinetic and spectral analysis, quality controls, classification, standard curve and blank subtraction.  Measurement data from this microplate reader can be exported to an excel spread sheet simply, and transported to another computer with a USB thumb drive. Contact us to learn more about our Thermo Multiskan FC Plate Reader.

Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC Microplate Reader Specifications:

Plate Type

96-well plates

Light Source

Quartz Halogen Lamp

Wavelength Selection

8 Position Filter Wheel , filters installed: 405nm, 450nm, 620nm, 402, 560 and 650

Wavelength Range

340 - 850 nm

Half Bandwidth of Filters

3 - 9mm


96-well plate: 0-2.5 Abs, 2% at 405nm

Read-out Range

0 - 6 Abs

Accuracy 405nm

± 1% (0.3 - 3Abs ) ± 2% (3-4 Abs) 

Precision 405nm

CV <0.2% (0.3 - 3Abs), CV < 1.0% (3 - 4 Abs) 

Optional Incubator Feature

When installed Temperature Range from ambient +4°C up to 50°C


Linear with three modes, slow, medium and fast

Robotic Compatibility


Internal Memory

up to 99 assay protocols and 100 test results


18.7 lbs

Dimensions (H x W x D)

12" x 16" x 9" 

Power Consumption

120-240V 50/60Hz

  • Thermo Multiskan FC Microplate Reader
  • Windows 7 Laptop with Skant 4.1 Software
  • Filters Installed with this system 405, 450, 620, 402, 560, 650 (buyer can purchase additional filters from manufacturer)
  • Communication Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Operators' Guide
  • Warranty

This Thermo Scientific Multiskan FC plate reader has been thoroughly tested and performed to factory specifiations. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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