Thermo Sorvall Legend Micro 21R Microcentrifuge

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The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Micro 21R is a powerful refrigerated microcentrifuge with a compact foot print. Perfect for high-end research applications, this refrigerated microcentrifuge reduces spin times by up to 20% with corrosion resistant lightweight polymer rotors, giving you acceleration and deceleration in about 12 seconds, and allowing you to process more samples in less time. This refrigerated microcentrifuge is whisper quiet at under 56 dBA and is easy to navigate, no matter the user’s experience level. The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Micro 21R refrigerated microcentrifuge has a bright, easy to read display for quick set ups, setting time and temperature, and operating. This small but powerful microcentrifuge reaches set temperature in under 9 minutes with temperatures ranging from -9° to +40°C set in 1°C increments.

The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Micro 21R refrigerated microcentrifuge uses a fixed angle rotor with 24 tube capacity for 1.5ml/2ml tubes in a single row giving you equalized g-force, up to 21100 x g.  The unique biocontainment lid clicks into place letting you know the proper seal has been made, and ensuring containment of the samples. This feature makes this refrigerated microcentrifuge safe, reliable and efficient method of processing micro-volume protocols, such as protein isolation, nucleic acid preparation, and reaction set-up. The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Micro 21R microcentrifuge is also compatible with a vast array of rotors to cover all types of micro-volume tubes, delivering flexibility to fit your needs. 

Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Micro 21R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Specifications:


21,100 x g

Max Speed

14,800 rpm

Max Noise Level

56 dBA

Acceleration/Deceleration Rates

10/12 seconds

Time Set Range

1 min - 99 min; 1 min increments + HOLD mode 

Temperature Range

Set from -9 °C to +40 °C per 1 °C increment




61 lbs


120v, 60 hz, 380W

  • Thermo Legend Micro 21R Microcentrifuge Cat# 7500246
  • 24 Place Fixed Angle Rotor with Lid Cat# 75003424
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo Legend Micro 21R comes with the pictured rotor package and a clean bill of health. Our service team carefully inspects every element and component of our machines and replaces degraded parts as part of the refurbishment process and validate the instrument. We verify this benchtop centrifuge’s speed range using a NIST traceable laser tachometer prior to being listed on our website, in addition to temperature ranges and sound level. Each test is logged into our inventory systems, per asset and at any given time we can pull the record to show you what tests have been done.

Upon receipt of the Thermo Legend Micro 21R a 1 hour settling period should be observed to allow the compressor to settle, before it is powered on. This centrifuge should be placed on a stable, level surface such as a lab bench or a cart with the casters locked, away from direct sunlight as uv rays can degrade plastics. As a rule, 30 cm / 12” or clearance around the centrifuge is best for safe use, as well as to allow proper ventilation, and optimal refrigeration capacity. Be sure to become familiar with your rotor type, and proper handling of the lid, as a tight fit is key when in use. When using this benchtop centrifuge, it is also important to make sure the rotor is as symmetrically balanced as possible for the best separation and safety. This can be done visually, so long as opposing tubes are filled to the same level and maximum load for this refrigerated centrifuge are not exceeded.

Also familiarizing yourself with the maintenance schedule of this centrifuge will help to extend the life of your investment, including daily cleaning routines, inspections and a thorough cleaning of the compressor filter every three months. We at the Lab World Group are on hand for trouble shooting and to help you make the most of your investment. All our instruments include our standard thirty-day warranty and ships within three business days from receipt of completed sales order.  If you have questions about our refurbishment process, or would like a quote for the Thermo Legend Micro 21 R, please contact our sales team, we’re happy to help 


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