Thermo Sorvall ST8 Benchtop Centrifuge

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The Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8 is a small benchtop centrifuge that provides useful capacity in an efficient and compact design. This benchtop centrifuge has an easy to use, microprocessor controlled interface lets users set times sessions, continuous runs, access up to 4 protocols and even password protect their executables. The Sorvall ST8 when partnered with the TX-150 Sing bucket rotor holds 4 x 145mL, a max speed of 4500 RPM and a max RCF of 3260 x G.

The Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8 Benchtop Centrifuge, at <58 dBA, is quiet enough to have nearby while in operation. This Laboratoty Centrifuge has several safety features, such as auto lock rotor exchange to ensure proper placement, the SMARTspin imbalance system to warn if loads are uneven, and are compatible with ClickSeal biocontainment lids. This lab centrifuge also features acceleration and deceleration profiles, either standard or a soft gradual start/stop.

Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8 Benchtop Centrifuge Specifications: 


4 x 145mL (with TX-150 rotor)

Max. Speed

4500rpm (TX-150 rotor)

Max. RCF 

3260 x G (TX-150 rotor)

Profile (Acceleration/Braking)

 2 (standard and soft)


60Hz, 120V, 

Noise Level

<58 dBA (with TX-150 rotor)


99 hr 59 min, continuous


Direct, brushless induction

Dimensions (L x W x H) 



86 lbs


4 protocols via direct access key, with naming option and password protection available

  • Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8 Benchtop Centrifuge 75007200
  • TX-150 4-Place Swinging Rotor (Catalog # 75005701)
  • 4 Buckets
  • 14ml Urine Tube Inserts Catalog 75005738
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Manual
  • 30-Day Warranty

This listing for a Thermo ST 8 comes with the pictured rotor package and has been inspected top to bottom by our service team. We carefully inspect every component of our machines, replaces degraded parts as part of the refurbishment process and validate the instrument. Speed for this benchtop centrifuge is checked using a NIST traceable laser tachometer prior to being listed on our website, in addition to sound level. Each test is logged into our inventory systems, per asset and at any given time we can pull the record to show you what tests have been done.

When setting up the Sorvall ST 8, you should find a location that is stable and level such as a lab bench or a lockable cart, and it should be resonance free to prevent interfering with centrifugation. A clearance of 30 cm/ 12” should be oberserved both for proper ventilation and safety concerns, this is especially true of keeping hazardous materials out of the zone. You should also become familiar with your rotor type as a tight fit is key when in use. When using the ST8, it is also important to make sure the rotor is as symmetrically balanced as possible for the best separation and overall safety. This can be done visually, so long as opposing tubes are filled to the same level and maximum load for the centrifuge rotor is not exceeded.

Following a maintenance schedule for the Thermo ST 8 will help to extend the life of your investment, and this includes daily cleaning of the chamber and rotor components, and a visual check for wear on your rotor. Here at the Lab World Group, we’re on hand for trouble shooting and to help you make the most of your investment. All instruments we have for sale include our standard thirty-day warranty and typically ship within three business days from receipt of completed sales order. This centrifuge ships freight and should be lifted by at least to people by the sides after unpacking. If you have questions about our refurbishment process, this machine or would like a quote for the Thermo Sorvall ST 8, please contact our sales team, we’re happy to help. 

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