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The Thermo Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser is high throughput and cost efficient. Its compact size allows it to fit within a laminar cabinet. This microplate dispenser offers a broad volume range from 0.5 to 2500 µl, for use with any plate or well size, from 6 to 1536 wells and plate heights of 5 to 50 mm. Adjustments for the dispensing height is handled automatically offering complete flexibility in any dispensing application.  With an icon-based graphic display, the Multidrop Combi dispenser is user friendly and intuitive. The Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser is also fully robotic compatible for 24/7 operation.  

The Thermo Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser uses 8 channel cassettes that can be removed and autoclaved, and is equipped with SMART, a tracing system designed to keep track of a cassette number of uses. Keeping track of usage helps improve user efficiency as well as reporting capabilities. The flexible FILL it software of this reagent dispenser provides the means of selecting from the extensive list of plate options, as well as the ability to design and transfer protocols into the instrument. The Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser is capable of low volume dispensing, with minimal back-flushing and dead volume, reducing repeat usage of costly reagents. With its broad range of volumes, dispensing speeds, and column selections, The Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser is a perfect choice for all biotech and pharmaceutical research, including assay development, PCR set-up, cell based assays, Genomics and proteomics research, ELISA assays and many more.

Thermo Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser Specifications:

Plate Type

6- to 1536-well plates

Volume (Metric) Range Dispensing

0.5 to 2500µL

Dispensing Precision

Small tube dispensing cassette:2μL, ±10% (typical); 10μL, ±5% (typical); >10μL, ±5% (typical)

Stand tube dispensing cassette:5μL, ±3%(typical); 20μL, ±2% (typical); 100μL, ±1% (typical); >100μL, ±1% (typical)

Dispensing Accuracy

Small tube dispensing cassette:2µL, ±10% (typical); 10µL, ±5% (typical); >10µL, ±5% (typical)

Stand tube dispensing cassette:5µL, ±3%(typical); 20µL, ±2% (typical); 100µL, ±1% (typical); >100µL, ±1% (typical)

Dispensing Speed

96-well plate: 10µL in 3 sec.; 20µL in 4 sec.; 100µL in 10 sec

384-well plate: 1µL in 5 sec.; 5µL in 5 sec.; 10µL in 6 sec.; 20µL in 9 sec.

1536-well plate: 1µL in 14 sec.; 5µL in 26 sec.

Dispensing Increments

Small tube dispensing cassette:0.5µL increments 0.5-50µL

Stand tube dispensing cassette:5µL increments 5-2500µL

Volume (Metric) Dead

<1mL volume range 0.5-50μL; <7mL volume range >50μL


Serial RS-232, USB






100 to 240V 50/60Hz, 100VA

  • Thermo Multidrop Combi 5840300
  • 120V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty
  • Please note: Tube Cassette seen in photos is not included.  This is our test cassette.  Instrument came to us brand new and we purchased the cassette in order to test for a clean bill of health.

This Thermo Multidrop Combi Reagent Dispenser came to us brand new, has been fully inspected and comes with a clean bill of health. Please note there is a slight cosmetic blemish that does not impact performance. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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