AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500 LCMS with Shimadzu Nexera X2

  • Used AB Sciex 4500 LCMS for sale with HPLC
  • Sciex 4500 Triple Quad LCMS system with Shimadzu Nexera X2
  • Sciex LC MS System for sale with clean bill of health and warranty
  • Refurbished Sciex 4500 on sale with MS Table and vacuum system
  • Sciex LC MS MS instrumentation available with installation and finance options
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  • Sciex Mass Spectrometer with Shimadzu UFPLC and computer workstation
  • AB Sciex LCMS mass spectrometer used for Toxicology Screening
  • Reconditioned Sciex LCMS can be used for a wide range of applications including quantification
  • Triple Quad Sciex 4500 Vacuum System with MS Table
  • Sciex 4500 LCMS system with tune and validation
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The AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500 with Shimadzu system has been redesigned from top to bottom to bring you excellent sensitivity and thorough data in a more compact easy to house footprint. This triple quad mass spectrometer has improved upon the Sciex 4000 QQQ Mass Spectrometer platform, for even better quantitative sensitivity, allow you to expand the range of experiments you can preform, beyond MRM, so you can have confidence in the resulting data’s quality. The quadrupole mass spectrometer equipped with linear accelerator trap technology, that delivers up to a 100-fold increase to MS/MS sensitivity, and gives a more accurate detection, quantification and confirmation of compounds. The Triple Quad mass spectrometer uses this increased sensitivity to detect low analyte concentrations, a dynamic range for high to low concentrations, scan speed, and ionization source flow range.  

The AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500 LCMS helps you acquire a complete MS/MS spectrum for every compound detected and cross references it with a built-in library for confirmation. You can better streamline your lab’s workflow thanks to the Sciex's powerful processing algorithms that help you build new methods and protocols. This Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer is an ideal choice for research based labs dealing with regulated bioanalysis, targeted quantitative proteomics, clinical research, screening for contaminants in food or the environment, as well as ADME. is also an ideal choice for UHPLC, with fast precise quantitation and ultra-fast scan speeds.

The AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500 LCMS features QJet Ion Guide for better ion containment, AcQurate Pulse counting detector. The Sciex 4500 has short dwell times, as low as 1 ms, and can scan for more compounds in a single experiment than ever before, using the powerful MRM program to automatically optimize your acquisitions. The powerful Sciex lcms has a maximum scan speed of 12,000 Da/sec, and a mass range of 5-2000 m/z.

Sciex 4500 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Specifications: 

Sensitivity MRMmode Reserpine 200 fg on column S/N > 2000  C.V. < 5%
Maximum scan speed12,000 Da/sec
Polarity switching time50 msec, in MRM and scheduled MRM (sMRM) modes
Minimum MRM dwell time1 msec
Mass range (m/z)5-2000
Cross talk for reserpine 609/195<0.5% cross talk detectable with 2 msec dwell time and 3 msec inter-MRM pause time
Triple quadrupole mass stability0.1 Da over 24 hours
Scan types

Full scan MS and selected ion MS for both Q1 and Q3, product ion scan, precursor ion scan, neutral loss or gain scan, multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), and scheduled MRM (sMRM)

Detector typeAcQuRate Pulse Counting CEM
Dynamic range4 orders of magnitude
Ionization sourcesTurbo V source housing with Turbo Ion Spray probe or APCI probe
Maximum temperature750ºC
Flow rate compatibility5 μL/minute to 3 mL/minute
Dimensions37" x 33" x 55" Sciex 4500
Power208V 50/60Hz AB Sciex 4500, 208V Vacuum Pump, 208V Peak N2 Generator, 115V Shimadzu UPLC

  • AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500 LCMS
  • AB Sciex 4500 Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer
  • Shimadzu Nexera X2 LC with 
  • DGU-20A
  • LC-20-ADXR
  • LC-20-ADXR
  • SIL-20AC, FCV-11aL
  • CBM-20A
  • CTO-20A
  • Dell Windows 7 Desktop Computer with Analyst 1.6.2, MultiQuant 3.0.2 with sMRM and TeamViewer Software
  • Turbo V Source
  • Peak Bench MS Table
  • Vacuum Pump
  • UPS PowerVar 5.2k Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • All Required Cables, Vacuum Hose
  • Operator's  Manual
  • Warranty within the U.S.
  • Installation within the U.S.

The AB Sciex Triple Quad 4500 LCMS received a tune on 09/21/2017 and passed with a clean bill of health.  System is complete and comes with everything you see pictured an advertsied in this listing.  System comes fully tuned and backed by our 30-day warranty within the U.S.  One year service agreements available for an additional and include the following service on:

LC/MS System:
AB Sciex 4500 Triple Quad LCMS System with Turbo V Source

Shimadzu Nexera LC

  • DGU-20A
  • LC-20-ADXR
  • LC-20-ADXR
  • SIL-20AC, FCV-11aL
  • CBM-20A
  • CTO-20A

Full Maintenance Service Agreement Features:
30 minute telephone response
48-72 hour system down on-site response target
One scheduled Planned Maintenance Inspection/unit/year All remedial parts, labor and expenses.

Please note: nitrogen generators are not included as part of service agreement and falls under our 30-day right of return warranty.  Installation required by The Lab World Group is required in order to receive a warranty, or one year service agreement.  Should you have any questions about this Sciex 4500 LCMS system, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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