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Tissue Culture Used in Food Production

New tissue culture techniques uses in-vitro technology to meet the high ginger demand of Saba

New tissue culture techniques uses in-vitro technology to meet the high ginger demand of Sabah (one of the 13 member states of Malaysia). This is signifigant in sense that in-vitro is used to produce 500 plantlets from one ginger plant in six months. This technique is also being applied to other produce such as coconuts. This breeding technology was introduced at Agricultural Research Station (ARS) Golden Jubilee Open House at Ulu Dusun.





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Autism Associated with Reduced Cellular Adhesion

A new computer simulation of blood clots helps to analyze the millions of interactions that happen in a complex chain

Interesting results of a study are shown below. The main finding being that in a study at the University of California Davis, of 2-4 year old children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A signifigant amount showed reduced cellular adhesion in the brain.


A new study published in Elsevier’s Biological Psychiatry suggests that autism is associated with reductions in the level of cellular adhesion molecules in the blood, where they play a role in immune function.