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Hopkinton shines like gold for biotech firms

The Massachusetts Biotech Council on Thursday increased Hopkinton’s bio-ready rating to gold

Lab Automation Focuses on Analysis


Lab automation systems are used in all types of research, from life science sample prep to environmental testing and monitoring and materials processing and purification. The instrumentation used in these automated applications is similarly diverse, including all manner of lab instrumentation and equipment. Researchers are finding ways, and manufacturers are creating devices, to automate any application or procedure that takes an excessive amount of time to perform manually or obtain accurate results.

Hatching Ideas, and Companies, by the Dozens at M.I.T.

The Langer Lab is on the front lines of turning discoveries made in the lab into a range of drugs and drug delivery systems

HOW do you take particles in a test tube, or components in a tiny chip, and turn them into a $100 million company?

Dr. Robert Langer, 64, knows how. Since the 1980s, his Langer Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has spun out companies whose products treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and schizophrenia, among other diseases, and even thicken hair.