January 2013

Could 2013 Be The Year to Revolutionize Human Stem Cell Trials in the U.S.?

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Now that 2013 is in full swing, we could see the first human trial of rewound cells.  The cells are engineered by turning adult cells back into a stem cell state and then manipulate them into another type of cell.  This will be an historic event and a true victory for stem cell researchers across the nation.  It will give scientists the ability to generate new tissue and maybe whole organs from individuals own cells.

Are We Entering the Dawn of the $1 Million Dollar Medicines?

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Europe’s first pharmaceutical drug to repair genes, promises to alter the live of individuals living with an ultra-rare disease which clogs their blood with fat.  However, price seems to be the sticking point. This new drug is likely to cost more than one million per person and repairs genes for patients with lipoprotein lipase deficiency.