April 2013

Virginia Tech Professor Makes Hydrogen Fuel From Plants

Hydrogen Fuel out of Plants, Virginia Tech, Fossil Fuels, The LabWorld Group

Researchers at Virginia Tech have discovered a way to extract large sums of hydrogen for any type of plant to creat an evironmentally friendly, low cost fuel source.  Biology Professor, Percival Zhang states they’ve succeeded in using xylose, the most abundant simple plant sugar, to produce a large quantity of hydrogen in a method that can be perofrmed usi

Can we print Organs? Organovo might be able to...

bio printer, creating organs, cell biology
A hundred years ago people couldn't imagine TV, 20 years ago if you asked someone if we could print human organs, 99.9999% (you get the idea) of people would have said no. In a previous blog (Growing Body Parts), we told you about a process where porous materials were being used along with a person’s cells to basically grow organs and body parts.