June 2013

New Drug Prevents PTSD In Mice

Brain Injection Prevents PTSD, PTSD Cure, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, TheLabWorldGroup

A new study, published today, is a first step toward a drug to prevent PTSD in people—something soldiers or emergency responders could take just before or after undergoing something traumatic. Like many preliminary studies, this drug was tested in mice. It found that a new, fairly untested chemical prevents post-traumatic stress disorder-like symptoms in mice, if researchers give the mice the drug soon before or after a traumatic event.

Corruption Sometimes Fosters Regulatory Compliance, New Study Shows

Corruption in Biotech, Corruption in Pharmaceutical, TheLabWorldGroup

Assumptions about corruption and compliance challenged Inspired by a personal experience, a University of Arkansas economist examined the relationship between corruption and regulatory compliance – on both a theoretical and empirical level – and found, surprisingly, that corruption in some circumstances actually fosters regulatory compliance.