September 2013


Is a flame a solid, liquid or a gas, thelabworldgroup

None of these.  A hot enough flame with ionized parts can be considered a plasma.  A flame is the part of a fire we see and feel. Neither of these is a material but what produces them is, and therefore is a in a particular state of matter while the flame exists.  For a fire to be produced we need heat, oxygen and a fuel.  When these three things are combined, a chemical reaction takes place, which produces new compounds.

20% of Scientists Looking To Continue Research Overseas From Lack of Funding

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New survey results collected by a group of top scientific and medical research groups show a broad range of scientists are receiving less federal funding in the past three years, despite spending more time writing grants in search of it.  Around twenty percent of scientists are looking to continue their research overseas due to the poor funding climate in the U.S. The data collected by the American Society for Biochemistry

UCLA Professors Creates Smartphone Microscopes That Detects a Single Virus

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Imagine your smartphone working like an industry leading Zeiss microscope.  Well, don’t think too long because it’s happening now.   Aydogan Ozcan a UCLA professor of bioengineering and electrical engineering and Henry Samueli , school of engineering and Applied Science has created a portable attachment to be used with your smartphone.  This sophisticated devices has the ability to test for bacteria and viruses, weighs less than ha

Copper Alloy Found To Kill Highly Infectious Viruses, In University of Southampton Study

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Researchers at the University of Southampton have discovered much like gold, copper alloys are useful tool to quickly destroy highly infectious Norovirus.   Throughout the world, noroviruses are responsible for over 200 million gastroenteritis each year.   Within the United Kingdom, noroviruses costs the National Health Service over 100 mi