December 2013

Making Crystals Out of DNA & Nanoparticles

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A Northwestern University research team has engineered the first near-perfect single crystal out of nanoparticles and DNA, using the same structure favored by nature.  “Single crystals are the backbone of many things we rely on -- diamonds for beauty as well as industrial applications, sapphires for lasers and silicon for electronics,” said nanoscientist Chad A. Mirkin.

Scientists Discover Protein Which Controls Brain Communication

Scientists Discover Protein Which Controls Brain Communication, Molecular Neuroscience, University of Bristol, TheLabWorldGroup, Microplate Readers, Used Lab Equipment Boston, Cambridge Scientific, SSLLC, Labx, EquipNet, Biotechnology

Scientists are a step closer to understanding how some of the brain’s 100 billion nerve cells co-ordinate their communication. The study is published in the journal Cell Reports. The University of Bristol research team investigated some of the chemical processes that underpin how brain cells co-ordinate their communication.

Cancer Meets Its Nemesis

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Cancer has been affecting humanity for years, but each year we get closer to finding a cure.  If we’re not evolving drugs to fighting the Cancer, we’re at least better understanding on how the disease operates. However, the newest findings have delivered a better understanding on how Cancer is developing in the body.