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What's The Oldest Known Water In The Universe?

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Have you ever left a glass of water sitting out over night? If you have, then you know how this generally works out — The next day, you get home after taking the dog for a brisk jog; you grab the glass of water sitting on the coffee table, and…bleh. Old water does not taste very good (okay, so it’s a rather specific scenario, but you get the point). And ultimately, this water has only been sitting around your house for a few hours.

New Water Proof Silic T-Shirt Created By Young Entrepreneur

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Have you ever arrived to work, sat down at your desk and pined for a sip of coffee?  Only to take the first sip, look down and you’ve spilt it all over your shirt.  Now you’ve got to walk around with a wet coffee shirt for the duration of the day.  Well… Those days are over.  Right now on Kickstarter there is a group of young entrepreneur scientists and the former designer for Vera Wang Collection who’s

Killing Fungus with Plastic Bottles

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Researchers have created a plastic-like material that, once in the body, acts as a drug against a fungus that causes infections in eyes and other body parts. In experiments performed in petri dishes, the drug is promising. It punctures fungal cells, but not rat blood cells or human skin cells—a good sign that it may work against infections without too many ill side effects.