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Useful Tips To Buying Used Lab Equipment

Useful tips to buying used lab equipment on the internet

These days more and more companies are coming up with creative ways to save money.  One way to save is purchasing used and refurbished laboratory equipment.  However, buying used lab equipment can be a daunting and a sometimes frightening experience for the end user.  This blog was created to give buyers a helpful insight into the world of used lab equipment.

Brain on Fire: A Fabulous Read and Insightful Look into a Disease

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan Review

Normally our blogs hear at The Lab World Group are about new and emerging technologies and studies in the industry. This is a review of a book by Susannah Cahalan called "Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness." The book is an insightful look into the diagnosis and events of someone with a rare disease that was hard to diagnose and little known at the time.

Can Nanobots Change the way Medicine is Introduced to our Bodies?

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Researchers from China, working in combination with South Korean and Swiss Institutes have developed nickel coated Nanobots that are steered wirelessly by electromagnetic fields.   These myopic bots (seen through a microscope) are 40 microns wide by 100 microns long and might well be the future of medicine and how it’s introduced to our bodies.  Because of the wireless controls, these Nanobots can transport medicine to specifically targeted areas wi