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How Do Humans Live So Long?


People often assume that human beings naturally started to live longer as they aged and life changed and got easier. In addition they attribute this growth in the human life span to the increases in medical technology, vaccines and increases in food. While this is certainly true this is not the only piece to the puzzle.

How Does DNA Sequencing Work?

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DNA Sequencing has been one of the industries hottest topics for the past decade.  As technology continues to move forward and more manufacturer come to makert with their new products, the question still remains "How Does DNA Sequencing Work"?  Well ponder no more. Thanks to the research team at the University of North Texas, listed below is a breakdown on DNA Sequencing.

Scientists Discovers New Way To Make Platinum Compound

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For centuries scientists and alchemists have tried everything under the sun to turn lead into gold. However, if technology had made any advancement and they had a laser on hand, they might have been able to make pseudo-platinum.    Over half of the world’s Platinum goes into car catalytic converters, where it helps to neutralize the carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide in exhaust.

Study Finds Pharmaceutical Drug Ads Misleading To The Public

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The United States is only the second country throughout the world to allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to market their products directly to the public in commercial like Viagra and Zoloft.  However, a new study finds when pharmaceutical companies advertise their over the counter drugs to consumers, the ads aren’t always truthful.  This study claims that six ou