Year - 2014 Blog

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy being offered to Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Stem cell therapy has held promising results for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for three years into the study. A small trial in the US was put intact in order to check the safety and efficacy of stem cell therapy. Those that had already gone through the process had their immune systems wiped out and then filled stem cells. After this process, a majority of participants maintained remission of active MS, and improvements in neurological function.

Living On Venus

Life of Venus can be challenging but NASA is looking into exploring it

NASA scientists have thought up a possible concept that involves humans living in Venus’ atmosphere in a floating city. There has always been talk about humans going to Mars because it is the planet that is the most like Earth with its qualities. Earth’s atmospheric chemistry is closest to Mars, and the average temperature isn’t dangerously cold either (-63ºC). Earth and Mars have large polar caps that are suspected to be mainly composed of water ice.

Dogs Painted To Look Like Pandas

Dogs are being painted to look like Panda Bears part of animal cruelty in Italy

Dogs were painted to look like baby Pandas. Those that attended the Orfei Circus in Bescia Italy were fooled into thinking they had interacted and taken photos with baby pandas. Representatives of the Animal Protection Party (APP) caught the fraud and after reporting incidents of animal cruelty. "At the entrance of the circus were two animals that were presented as panda cubs.

Smartphones Evolving The Human Brain

Smartphones are affecting the  way our brains communicate with our thumbs

Ancient humans had a big evolutionary benefit from opposable thumbs because it allowed them to use tools. Nowadays our thumbs are used to type quickly on the screens of our smartphones. A new study discovered that this recent action is actually changing the way our thumbs and brain talk to one another. Arko Ghosh of the University of Zurich is lead author of the paper, which has been published in Current Biology.

New World Transparent Specimens

Lori Tomita takes the bodies of animals and makes them transparent, see through animals created

Lori Tomita takes the bodies of animals and makes them transparent. The technique he uses is also used to study scientifically species. It was established to study the skeletal system. This process takes time and experience. “I create transparent specimens as pieces of work that help people feel closer to the wonders of life. People may look at my specimens as an academic material, a piece of art, or even an entrance to philosophy.