February 2014

XStat – Stopping Gunshot and other Hemorrhages in seconds

A photo of Xstat made by RevMedX which is used to stop hemorrhages in emergency situations

A person can hemorrhage out pretty quickly from a gunshot wound. The average adult has five liters of blood and large wounds or wounds in difficult places can make a wound fatal pretty easily.  There is a new product that has been introduced called XStat which was developed by a company RevMedx in order to help this exact issue.

Why The FDA Should Allow Patients & Doctor's Make Treatment Decisions

Calhoun Vision, FDA should allow patients to choose treatment

Over twenty million American the age of forty or older suffer from Cataracts.  At the moment there are surgical procedures which Doctors can implant synthetic lenses but the patient will require additional tweaks to their lenses after the surgery.  However, there’s a product on the market from Calhoun Vision with makes real time adjustments to synthetic lens.  The only problem… You can’t get them in the U.S.

Lab Rap Battle TaqMan vs SYBR

TaqMan, SYBR Green, Applied Biosystems onestep plus, abi 7500, 7900HT FAST

Here's a funny spoof presented by Thermo Scientific and Life Technologies about two assays competing for your business.  We found this video online and wanted to share with our audience.  Don't forget to checkout our list of used Real Time qPCR and PCR systems we have in stock.   In fact, we have a 2007 Applied Biosystems 7900HT FAST with 96 and 384 well head in stock.  Unit is as close to new as you can get without paying full price.  The Laser has less than 1000 hours of use.