May 2014

Regenerating Muscle with Pig Bladder & Stem Cells

Scientists Regenerate Muscle with Pig Bladder

Last week scientists (using microscopes, centrifuges, PCR and other used lab equipment) were able to take stem cells and pig bladder lining to regenerate muscles.  Five patients who lost a fair amount of leg muscles were able to receive the lab quality regenerated muscles.  Here’s a fun fact, muscle has the ability to regenerate on its own, as long as a large amount isn’t lost.

Old Mice Given Young Blood Rejuvenates Brains and Muscles

Old Mice Given Young Blood Rejuvenates Brains and Muscles article by The Lab World Group (AUTH='TheLabWorldGroup')

Two recent studies report that infusing old mice with the blood of young mice, reversed age related impairments. Upon infusion of the blood, the creation of new neurons occurred and the brain had an increased ability to respond to experiences. Learning and memory declines were also reversed and improved in the old mice.

Skin Cells Generate Precursor Sperm Cells

Skin Cells Generate Sperm cells, The Lab World Group, Used Lab Equipment, Boston Used Lab Equipment

Last week researchers have developed a technique using stem cells created from skin to generate precursor sperm cells for infertile males.  This report shines light that someday we could overcome infertility issues from men.  Statistically 1 in 10 couples are affected by infertility.  In addition, mutation of the Y chromosome in sperm are more common than we think.  A l

Not All Tears Are Made the Same

A blog article by the Lab World Group about the Topography of Tears

Most of us assume when we cry that our tears are the same, then again most of us probably never gave a second thought to this. However Rose-Lynn Fisher did and she decided to compare her tears under a microscope. What Rose-Lynn found was a considerable and drastic difference between tears produced through lubrication and various types of emotion. She studied and produced her results in The Topography of Tears

Solar Roads That Even Melt Snow

Solar roadways blog by Dante Boyer of the Lab World Group

We hear a lot in this country about change and energy independence, but not too much seems to get done. It is frustrating from a country that has come so far to be dependent on other source of energy and other countries power supply. Regardless something needs to change and we need to learn to harness the power that the earth provides rather than just burning our home up.