April 2015

New cancer treatment dissolves woman’s tumor

A new type of cancer treatment is under weigh which dissolves tumor

Scientists are worried that new cancer treatments might be doing more harm than good as it takes away more than the tumor itself. After a woman received one treatment of a novel combination therapy, her tumor happened to have dissolved from her chest in just three weeks, with a gaping hole left in its place. She was given the same cocktail of skin cancer drugs as 150 individuals.

Cell Phones Could Be Charged In A Minute?

New technology shows cell phones could be charged within a minute

A cheap and long-lasting rechargeable battery, that charges fast could be in stores soon .It’s made of aluminum, which makes it safer than to the conventional lithium ion and alkaline batteries that is in use now. The challenge is trying to find a voltage after repeated cycles of charging and discharging. An international led by Stanford’s Hongjie Dai discovered a simple solution using graphite.