May 2015

Planting with Drones

BioCarbon Engineering is using drones to grow plants

BioCarbon Engineering is the idea of Lauren Fletcher, and has come up with a solution for planting faster: Industrial reforestation with robot drones. Could reforestation get any more awesome? Drones would plant about 1 billion trees a year, which keeps people from having to do it by hand. This would be cheaper and quicker. This method cuts down the price by 15%.

Island demolished from Gulf oil spill

An island in the Gulf of Mexico has been destroyed due to an oil spill

After the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010, the oil spill has dissolved a whole island. Natalie Peyronnin of the Environmental Defense Fund says The oil comes down, it kills the mangroves, which then kills the root system. And the root is holding together this island, and without that root system holding together, the sediment it just erodes away.” An island was 5.5 acres in size has disappeared.