November 2015

Power Over WiFi is Changing the Way Devices are Charged

Chalkboard image stating "WIFI Available"

"A Camera Powered by Wi-Fi" has made Popular Science's "Best of What's New 2015" awards, alongside other game-changing technologies including genetically modified rice and super-skyscrapers. Power Over Wi-Fi (PoWiFi), developed by engineers at the University of Washington, uses a Wi-Fi router to power devices. 

Alcoholism Drug Found to Have HIV Combating Capabilities

Computer generated replica of HIV virus

An unintended, and potentially life saving, side effect of disulfiram, a drug commonly perscribed to treat alcoholism, has been discovered. Commercially sold as Antabuse, the drug causes vomiting when alcohol is consumed, but researchers have also found the drug activates dormant HIV cells without causing any harmful side effects. This could help combat one of the strongest barriers to curing HIV - HIV latency.