November 2015

Children that grow up with animals less likely to develop asthma

Cartoon image of dog

A study in Sweden has found that children are less likely to suffer asthma if they grow up in a household with a dog compared to dog-less homes. This study - the largest of its kind (records of 376,638 preschool children and 276,298 school-age children were analyzed)- explored the link between respiratory disease and early exposure to animals.

University of Kent Professor Supports Drugs to Help 'Lazy' People Exercise

this is an image of the chemical compound of caffeine posted by The Lab World Group a buyer and seller of used lab equipment

University of Kent Professor and Director of Research at the School of Sport and Exercise Science Samuele Marcora is advocating for what some may consider a drastic, or controversial approach to getting "lazy" people to exercise - doping. Professor Marcora believes that by "reducing perception of effort during exercise using caffeine or other psychoactive drugs (e.g.