December 2015

Tech Startup Develops Cell Phone Charging Insole

Close up image of sneaker and laces

In 2011 Carnegie Mellon University classmates Hahna Alexander and Matt Stanton were given an assignment by their professor - "make a product that will benefit students on campus." Alexander and Stanton, along with a few other classmates went on to develop an energy harvesting shoe with embedded LED lights, which allowed users to travel more safely at night.

Student-Athletes May Be at Risk For Same Injuries as Professional Athletes

Children playing youth football

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, has been receiving an increased amount of attention over the years, unfortunately primarily due to the tragic suicides of several former professional football players. CTE results from repeated blows to the head and concussions over a period of time.

Computers Can Learn Like Humans Thanks to New Algorithim

Basic computer algorithim

Developments in the field of artificial intelligence are as numerous as they are hotly debated. An article recently published in Science outlines how a group of scientists developed a new program that "can learn a concept from a single example, showing for the first time that it's possible for a machine to learn like humans do," according to