January 2016

UMass Medical School Research Shows Body May be Able to Produce More Calorie-Burning Fat

Model pinching excess fat on the side of their stomach

A form of fat that burns calories? Sounds too good to be true! But reserachers at UMass Medical School have made new discoveries about a lesser-known kind of fat - "brite (brown-in-white)" or "biege" fat which Professor Silvia Corvera describes as "little brown cells that are intermingled with our white fat stores."

This fat, she explains, takes fatty acid and burns it to make heat to keep organs warm. Thin, healthy people tend to have more of these cells, while overweight individuals tend to have less. 

University of Glasgow Researchers Develop Cheaper Way to Produce Graphene

Computer rendering of graphene

Discovered in 2004, graphene is a variant of carbon. At just one atom thick, the material is light, stong, nearly transparent, flexible and is a great conductor of electricity. It is traditionally produced by way of chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which involves turning gaseous reactants into a film on a special surface called a substrate. The copper used to produce graphene costs approximately $115 per square meter, making it cost prohibitive for many products or potential applications.