March 2016

Studying Cancer in 3D

Cartoon rendering of a traditional microscope.

The best way to fully understand any living thing, from an amobea to a human adult, is to study how they act in their natural environment. This is especially true of cancer cells, which, until recently researchers were only able to study on flat glass slides. 

Scientists Are Working to Convert Waste into Fuel

Manure left to naturally compost

Researchers at UCLA are working to develop a method to convert the 1 billion tons of manure (including human waste) produced in the US every year into biofuel that could be used to fuel cars. These "poop-powered" vehicles would potentially solve two problems - the issue of disposing such a large amount of manure that is responsible for producing greenhouse gases like methan and nitrous oxide, and finding a satisfactory replacement for non-renewable fuels (like gasoline).